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domingo, 4 de octubre de 2009

miguett circ

Casa Luz Spa at isla Mujeres offer a clay detox body treatment. For thousands of years clay have been used to relax and help
swollen muscles.
Clay contain minerals & vitamins, promoting cell oxigenation and
waste elimination, excelent for a body detox.

miércoles, 3 de junio de 2009

Casa Luz Spa, Boutique entry

Boutique best quality products available

miguett ajna

miguett ajna
Cargado originalmente por Casa Luz Spa Isla Mujeres
Facials: (1.30minutes)
Deep Cleansing & Collagen Mask
Deep Cleansing & Algae (Seaweed) Mask
Deep Cleansing & Black head Extraction Mask
Deep Cleansing & Rosacea Mask
Deep Cleansing & Gold Mask- Botox Effect
Deep Cleansing & Collagen 3 Mask- Botox Effect
Deep Cleansing & Glycolic Acid Mask
Deep Cleansing & Pure Royal Jelly Mask

Products: www.miguettmexico.com

Casa Luz Spa, Cabina 2

Relaxing, Sport & Aromatherapy
Hot Stones
Zen Shiatsu (Clothed Massage)

Body Wraps (60 minutes):
Spirulina Algae
Red Algae
Thermal Clay
Chocolate Mask (Dry skin)
Coffee Mask (Anticellulitic)
Clay & Yogurth

Body Scrubs (30 minutes):
Chocolate & Algae
Champagne & Grappes
Coffee "Ole"
Papaya Scrub

Products 100% Mexican: www.miguettmexico.com

lunes, 25 de mayo de 2009

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Casa Luz Spa, Recepcion with Isadora visiting the Spa

welcome to Casa Luz Spa

Casa Luz Spa, Cabina 2

Casa Luz Spa. Cabina 2, with two beds for massages

Cats need Help on Isla Mujeres

Casa Luz Spa & Cats comunity

If you want to help Isla Mujeres Cats contact: casaluz_280@yahoo.com.mx

casa luz spa patio

casa luz spa patio